Below is a selection of some of our favourite recipes that use our produce. More recipes and pictures will be added, as and when we cook them, so check back soon. 

Items we supply are bold in the ingredients lists. If you would like any advice on one of our recipes or some additional ideas for a specific vegetable / event please email us at
Our measurements are fairly approximate as these dishes do not require exact science or fancy equipment, just a big dollop of love.
I hope you enjoy making (and eating!) them as much as we did. Please send us your pictures, we love seeing what you’ve created with our produce.

V – Vegan , DF – Dairy free, GF – Gluten Free,  N! – contains nuts.

If catering for GF guests, please be aware that some stock cubes will contain gluten but as homemade stock is GF, it is in many of my GF recipes.


Stuffed Courgette    Serves 4    V/GF/DF
This is a perfect dish for a dinner party as each person has their own individual stuffed courgette, which looks great plated up, and they can be made in advance.

Vegetarian Chilli   Serves 4  V/GF/DF
Perfect for using as a stuffed marrow filling, and always a good dish to have portioned up in the freezer for those days you just want to bung something in the microwave!

Thai Style Courgette Soup   Serves 5   V/GF/DF
This is a recipe I play around with every time I make it but it’s always a favourite with friends and family, as it tastes just like a Thai Green Curry!

Tomato and Basil Soup   Serves 4   V/GF/DF
A classic dish, perfect for warming you up on those cold drizzly days. As the tomato harvest winds down this is a perfect way to use up the last of them and it will freeze well so those beautiful fruits can be enjoyed in the depths of winter!

Roasted Aubergine and Tomato Dip  V/GF/DF
This dip can be served warm or cold. Personally I love it warm with some focaccia or with my Courgette and Aubergine bread, fresh from the oven.

Courgette and Aubergine Bread    V/DF
A deliciously filling and flavoursome bread, it can be eaten by itself or as an accompaniment to a soup or dip. (It goes really well with our Tomato and Basil soup)


We have also been playing around with a few preserving methods to make the most of any gluts, and prolong the fruits of our labours well into winter. We have prepared and frozen a number of items such as french beans, and hope to dry out chillies for use as flakes, oils and decorations. Below are some of our chutney and jam recipes we have tried so far. If made well enough in advance they make great Christmas presents too!

Courgette and Apple Chutney
This one tastes quite vinegary to start with and needs a good 2 months to mellow and marinate in its jar. Once aged it tastes yummy with cheese and crackers.