The Smallholding

Chicken Pen wattle fence willow archway
Chicken Island

Theo grew up on a dairy farm with all the milk he could drink right there on his doorstep, and while I love the thought of it, we figured we’d start off with something smaller than a cow and work our way up. So to begin with we went with chickens.

First, we needed somewhere to put them. Click here to read all about our adventures in fighting brambles, fence building and ditch bridging. Once all that was sorted we collected our lovely hens – you can click here to read all about our first chickens’ arrival and naming. For the second flocks arrival story, click here.

We now have 9 chickens: 2 Rhode Island Reds, 1 Rhode Island Red/Black Rock crossbreed, 4 Black Copper Marans, 1 Black Maran and 1 Speckled Maran.
We are currently eggless but they should all start laying again in Spring 2018, the older three once they’ve finished their winter moult, and the younger 6 once they are old enough/fat enough! I’m looking forward to seeing what colour they come out!

It remains to be seen whether either of us will stay detached enough from our feathered friends to put them on the dinner table when they stop laying, but we’re feeding them up with all our yummy veggie scraps just in case!

We’ll see how our fencing holds up against our chickadees before we move onto any clever piggies or the notorious escape artists – goats!